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Making a positive impact

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Improving Quality in Coffee

The family legacy

Farmers like Levi Ivan Valledares from UCA San Juan co-operative in Nicaragua are already planning for the future. Thanks to the extra money the premium offers, Levi’s son Jack will be able to continue his studies with the hope of graduating in agronomy. That means once he returns, Levi won’t need to employ a technician and Jack can carry his father’s legacy forward.

Healthcare for the community

Healthcare for
the community

In 2010, the Ruabai dispensary, based in Kenya, struggled with increasing patient numbers. Ndumberi Coffee Grower’s Co-operative Society provided money from the Fairtrade coffee premium to buy medication for up to 150 patients a day, saving them an 85 kilometre trip to the nearest district hospital. The Ruabai dispensary registers more than 2,500 patients each month for everything from maternal care and immunisation to HIV and AIDS treatment thanks to that premium.