You probably know that every time you buy Fairtrade coffee the 660,000 small-scale farmers who grew the beans are getting a fair price.

However, buying Fairtrade coffee isn’t the only way you can show your support. By making a Fairtrade pledge today you won’t just be giving your support to all Fairtrade products, you’ll also be entered into our daily prize draw where you could win some great prizes.

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When your daily banana is Fairtrade, you ensure farmers receive better prices with every bite.

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Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a soothing Fairtrade hot chocolate before bed and sleep soundly knowing you are empowering Fairtrade farmers and producers to improve their lives and communities.

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Fairtrade chocolate bar in the knowledge that farmers and producers get a stable price.

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Thank you for your Fairtrade pledge and taking part in the Great British Fairness Debate.

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To find out more about the impact that Fairtrade has on famers and producers lives visit the Fairtrade story page.

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Find out where you can buy Fairtrade products, then check out our Fairtrade products pages and see what great products you can buy and where.